Pirates are on Barefoot property.Pirates are searching for hidden treasure near your Barefoot property and if you live in North Myrtle Beach or nearby, keep a look out. Two rival crews of marauders go head to head at Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show located at 8901 N.Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. Get a front row seat as they battle it out in search of their gold and gems. Watch Captain Blackbeard and Calico Jack, two grisly characters, as they mastermind a series of mischievous events that will delight audiences. The show will wow spectators as buccaneers perform acrobatic feats, entertaining stunts and tricks.

Beware the Marauders Who Live in North Myrtle Beach

The stage is set with larger than life pirate ships docked near a 15 foot indoor lagoon. Tropical birds fly through the air as live sea lions call out in greeting. Dazzling mermaids sit seaside watching the crimson and sapphire pirate crews struggle for supremacy. A four course dinner is included with the show and will satisfy any and all appetites. Barefoot property holders are encouraged to come early and explore the Pirate’s Village before showtime. In the village pirate themed songs will be sung, live animals hang about, and juggling and balancing acts thrill and amaze. Beware! Pirate crews are always on the lookout for additions. Little ones in attendance may be recruited with parents paying a small ransom (minimal charge) for their participation. Imagine the youngster's amazement as they are decked out as a brave pirate or beautiful mermaid. Definite memories in the making! Find showtimes and purchase tickets online and catch a Pirate's Voyage Show today.