See dolphins near North Myrtle Beach properties.Watch dolphins frolic in the waves off the coast of North Myrtle Beach properties. Embark on a seaside adventure with Myrtle Beach Dolphin Cruises, the only company to guarantee dolphin sightings during your sail. Choose one of two state of the art vessels,The Sea Thunder or The Sea Screamer and speed out into the ocean in search of sleek and silly dolphins. Taking a Myrtle Beach Dolphin cruise is more than just a boat ride, and particularly interesting for those who live in North Myrtle Beach or who are thinking about relocating to the area. As the excursion begins passengers will be given a narrative on the uniqueness of the Intracoastal Waterway they are passing through. Expert staff will point out native birds, sea turtles and various marine animals as they cruise along. On the way out to the ocean, travelers will learn the individual history of rustic fishing villages and surrounding North Myrtle Beach properties bordering the water. Once deeper into the Atlantic, the Captain will maneuver his ship to the where the dolphins play. Passengers will be amazed at the gracefulness of these mystical creatures.

Live in North Myrtle Beach and Cruise the Lovely Coastal Waters

Reservations are recommended as attendance is limited and fills up fast especially on the weekends. Tickets for the Sea Thunder may be obtained at North Myrtle Beach Harbourgate Marina or purchased inside Captain Juel's Hurricane Restaurant for the Sea Screamer. Sailors of all ages are welcome. Participants prepare to get wet as these are speed boats that will zip through the water at various intervals during the trip. Visit the Myrtle Beach Dolphin website for available boarding times and pricing. Set sail today!